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'For sale' lion cub found in child's bed in Paris flat

The cub, said to have been advertised at €10,000, is found in a child's bed while the suspect is caught hiding in a cupboard.

A lion cub
Image: The cub is in good health and has been handed to wildlife officials. File pic
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A lion cub has been seized from an apartment in Paris after it was apparently put up for sale on social media.

Police found the six-week-old animal in a suburb of the French capital and arrested its owner.

The female lion was discovered in a child's bed in an apartment belonging to the suspect's neighbour.

The 30-year-old owner was then found hiding in a cupboard, said a police source.

Le Parisien newspaper said it is thought the suspect fled from their own apartment and took refuge in the neighbour's when the police arrived.

The cub, which was in good health, was handed over to wildlife officials.

In the videos advertising the animal, a man was seen offering the cub for sale for about €10,000 (£8,830), the source said.

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The origin of the lion is unknown.

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The source said it appeared the suspect had bought the cub with the intention of reselling it, and that it was probably stolen.

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